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23. Tactical OGDW (+)Orgone maker, Licensed Ultrasonic Reverse Speech Analyst/Certified Dark Speech Decoder & puppeteer @ the Extreme Reality Puppet Show. The first batches of orgone I ever made in 2012 were in an attempt to disprove everything I heard about it from Sherry Shriner @ www.orgoneblasters.com. My very first test happened to be whether or not it would get rid of a shadow person, and boy did it ever!!! Like you will hear many times if you continue doing your research on what happens when you orgone an area with an evil spirit or otherwise any form of negative entity interdimensional/spirit being, the apparition becomes LIVID and will likely retaliate in some fashion but afterwards will be forced to leave for GOOD. The orgone asphyxiates evil, it cannot stand to be around it. After that happened, I had decided orgone was worthwhile, very badass, and that I would decide to invest in another test; destroying chemtrails! I constructed a 2-gallon, 10' by 1" 6-chamber copper pipe orgone bucket blaster as my first ever chembuster and within minutes of setting it up outside, a black helicopter was circling the house. I went back inside and it went away. I'd soon come to find that all chemtrails sprayed in the sky would become completely busted up with holes mid-air as they were being sprayed!!! They eventually attempted to spray higher but the chemtrails WOULD NEVER STICK in the (+)Orgone saturated environment! It was at that time that I asked the Most High Yahuah to help me get the orgone out to as many people and places as possible in the USA and world, if He would allow me to do that, and He did, and I've been making orgone ever since. I've been meaning to make a map of all the areas that I orgoned since 2012! I should get on that soon. The Illuminati have programmed people into ignorance, as usual, and so the masses classify Reverse Speech as a "pseudo-science" (or think of it as "evil/creepy") because, in truth, it is actually an esoteric avenue of uncovering deeper information about subjects of your choosing, and uncovering secrets, and so those in control DO NOT WANT the average person TO KNOW THAT-to know that REVERSING INFORMATION is actually something that provides significant truth, clarity, and further information about what it is you're reversing! Those who have taken a dedicated approach with adequate time to truly study reverse speech for themselves will discover that it contains much validity. There is, very much so, a real science to reverse speech, and I'm only one more person in a small band of people actively bringing awareness to it and its potential applications in all walks of life!!! It opens up a whole new world of music, conversation, lie detection and method of contact...Dave Eager of Out of Darkness, Into the Light says it's God's sense of humour that has allowed for reverse speech to exist in the first place. I believe that it is an aspect of our dualistic existence, and even evidence of what is termed "karma," or the idea that everything past, present, and future is going on all at once. Reversing speech taps into the psyche of the person you are reversing, revealing their concealed emotions, desires, thoughts, ETC. The KEY to decoding the reverse speech, in my estimation, is Neurophone technology. Using Neurophone technology, you can modulate the reverse speech to an Ultrasonic output, and we pick this information up thru our Saccule Gland, located between the 3rd and 4th ventricles of the brain, which the Neurophone stimulates. Once the information is received, it is stored long-term in the brain, and when you listen to Neurophone-modulated audio it is best to close off the ear channels with headphones or ear plugs because the sound can be heard directly in the middle of the head. In this way, the reverse speech information is downloaded 100% in its entirety into the brain of hte Ultrasonic Reverse Speech Analyst, whereas even the best Reverse Speech Analyst is still relying only on what his ears are telling him, what he truly thinks/believes he can hear. Thru Neurophone technology, you can be entirely sure that what you've Neurophoned is KNOWN 100%, at least, on an ultrasonically embedded subconscious level; the point of Neurophoning the information is to provide that ultrasonic standard; that thru the modulation of the information thru this ultrasonic output that it is being significantly solidified, effectively internalized and cranially crystallized into your form and being. You now "know" the information, but you then have to "re-learn" it consciously when you DRAW IT OUT by listening to it with your Trained Reverse Speech Ears! New Neurophone users will find that it is not that easy to hear the Ultrasonic signal of the information they're modulating at first. They may experience "disappointment" at their failed expectation of what they imagined the Neurophoned information would sound like. It's nothing AT ALL like a headphone earbud experience; the Neurophone is best enjoyed in a comfortable room you can relax in, with your eyes closed and ears closed off, with the loudest maximum volume you can attain to crank it up on the Neurophone! It sounds and feels awesome the louder it gets, but Neurophone users with years of experience have been actively stimulating our Saccule Gland, and so we're now more keen at being able to hear the ultrasonic sound more easily and naturally, even if the sound levels on the source device don't go very high. So after Neurophoning the reverse speech, at that point, it is up to the Trained Ears of the Reverse Speech Analyst to place that downloaded information into order. In short, it drastically cuts transcription time by significant amounts and ensures that the yields are +/-99.999999999999999999999% accurate. And so thru my reverse speech studies, which really began in about late 2013, my first video uploaded online being the reversal of Sherry Shriner's Monday Night Theme Song, uploaded with the time stamp of HALLOWEEN 2013 - I mark it as my official beginning of reversing speech. Fitting I suppose because as of 2017 I discovered something for the first time in history that no other reverse speech analyst ever has, not that they ever could've; to discover what I have discovered one requires a Neurophone UPGRADE to the status of an Ultrasonic Reverse Speech Analyst AKA a Dark Speech Decoder. Yes. Ladies and Gentlemen...my name is John Christopher Galvan AKA Johnny Galvan, and I am now telling you all, anyone who will listen, that I have actually discovered something that no one in the world was really supposed to now about...until now...and that is Dark Speech. "Dark Speech" or "Dark Speak" are terms which I discovered as they were revealed to me reversed, and what it refers to is the actual name, the TERM as it is known by the angels, the spirit beings, those-in-the-know, and Yah Himself FOR the "reverse speech." It is called Dark Speech, however, I believe that it may be in a more special class and so I still differentiate our naturally occurring reverse speech as NOT "Dark Speech." From what I have learned, the Dark Speech is ENCODED by DARKRYPTICISTS! This is what they were called as revealed reversed to me. If you'd like more information, please go to my website @ WWW.DARKSPEECHDECODER.NET I have found out so much about how satan has encoded the Master Plans for 9/11 and also 7/12 the future DESTRUCTION of the Big Ben Clock-Tower in London, setting off a WORLD WAR 3 SCENARIO DISASTER EVENT and if you haven't noticed lately, there is a HUGE FLAT EARTH PUSH on the internet/conspiracy community which has reached public television stations, radio stations, celebrities mouths, WHY ? As revealed reversed HERE by Ultrasonic Reverse Speech Analysis AKA Dark Speech Decoder Channel is that IN REVERSE it has been REVEALED REPEATEDLY that the FLAT EARTH is being PUSHED as an INNER-ESOTERIC CODE SIGNALING this COMING BIG BEN (33) CLOCK-TOWER DESTRUCTION EVENT! I encourage you to go to my website, subscribe to my channel, and sign up for email updates on my work, because I'm covering ground no one in the world EVER has. The Extreme Reality Puppet Show was an idea that was born from a more selfish idea in 2015 for a goofy puppet show based on a comic-book character I made when I was 8 or 9 called Meow-Mix (based off my real cat named David) and his late-night comedy show CATTV. The comic would always open up with the host Meow-Mix being threatened by the same stick-figure assassin, who would, within the ensuing 2-3 panels, be killed by some trap door set-up. The set of the show featured a typical late-night show background set at night, with towers, stars, the moon, saturn, a UFO here or there ETC. CATTV itself was filmed before a live studio audience inside a 33-35 story building. For the puppet show version, I wanted to have a switch to focus as a conspiracy-comedy show. It was during that time I was getting into watching Greg the Bunny/Warren the Ape old stuff, like Junktape, and checking out obscure puppet shows like Pets puppets and Aggro on youtube. I had seen Greg the Bunny for the first time when I was about 7-8, when it aired live on FOX, though this was the first time I was ever really looking into puppetry, studying it with appreciation for the performance. I never liked Sesame Street and I never grew up watching The Muppets on TV, and though I had seen The Muppet Movie and Muppets in Space, I was never really fascinated by any of it as a kid. So, I got my comics together, drew up the puppet ideas, and sent them to a puppet builder online and it was within those 2 months of puppet building negotiation/building that I decided it would be the GREATEST IDEA if I could just use this puppet to voice Dave Eager of Out of Darkness, Into the Light over on Talkshoe!!! It would be the BEST IDEA EVER; to draw people in with this cute cat puppet, and those who are critical of this type of information will still watch it because they will be confused as to the approach that I'm taking, until they begin to understand that I'm actually NOT MAKING FUN OF THE INFORMATION BEING PRESENTED. Hahahaha.

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